A hand drawn map, author unidentified, of Old Bridgewater and identifying the lands of the Perkins family and their neighbors, 1680-1730. Note two identified errors: 1.*The reference for John Bolton junr (m. 1751) is incorrect. This land-owning John Bolton Jr. was also known as Ensign John Bolton (1685-1755) and married Ruth Hooper in 1710 and 2.*The second error, below the first, references John Bolton Jr.'s father, John Bolton (c1660-1721) who married Sarah Chesebrough in 1683 and was the first Bolton to settle in Bridgewater. Just to make it more confusing, a later John Bolton "Jr." was the son of Elisha Bolton, married Elizabeth Hayward in 1751 and is not believed to have owned any land before his death at age 32 in 1762.